Interview with Bestest founder

Elite Language Center partners with select language institutions who share our vision for truly exceptional, personalized language learning experiences. We interviewed Bestest, a Bratislava-based organization specializing in English langauge vacation courses and au pair placement in beautiful Malta. Here’s what Bestest founder Krisztina Horváthová had to share with Elite!

 Why did you first decide to get into this business?

I first visited the UK when I was 17 for a two-week long English language course. Based on this experience, I decided to go back to the UK and work as an au pair during my school breaks. I was lucky to find the best host family ever. We are still very close to each other. At that time, I had no idea that this experience would lead me to set up my own business one day. While finishing my university degree I worked for a media agency, but I realised that that job was not something I would be happy doing for the rest of my life. In 2015, drawing on my previous experience as an au pair, I set up a company called Bestest, which focuses on arranging au pair stays in the UK. In 2016, I spent my summer holiday in Malta, and experienced the high level of English language teaching provided there. This made me think of the idea to combine language courses with holidays, so I decided to expand our portfolio and also provide language courses in Malta.

 Why Malta?

When I first visited Malta for a holiday, I fell in love with the island, the vibe, the friendly people. Moreover, the fact that the national language is English, the island is very close to Slovakia, and that we have direct flights, also contributed to my choice. However, the most important factor was that  students can study while also being on an unforgottable holiday. Hence, Bestest can help in making memories for all age groups.

Who are your typical students?

Honestly, every age group, from 8 to  50+. My partner school provides a wide range of courses for everyone based on their age and their language skills. I have had 40+ year-old beginners, but also groups of teens or families who want to learn English while on holiday. Our partner school is the only one on the island that provides professional English courses such as business or legal English, as well as teacher training for those who need to be fluent for a specific field.

What can students expect when they get to Malta?

First of all, a lovely welcome meeting at the airport! Every student gets a full service experience from us, which means that they will be taken care of from the moment of their arrival until they leave. The school provides different kinds of accomodations such as host families, apartments, hotels and, of course, English language courses. Every student’s experience will depend on the package they choose. There are plenty of afternoon and evening activities for children and for adults as well, managed and supervised by the school leaders. They can also meet loads of new friends from all over the world.

What else should prospective students know about your program and Malta?

They should know that 90% of our students return to our ‘bestest‘ holidays each year, which implies that our students do enjoy their stay with us. The school is open all year round. We also offer camps, where the students are accompanied by a group leader from Slovakia who flies with them to Malta from Bratislava and is on hand for the whole duration of the camp. This year we are organising a one-week camp from 22 July 2018 – 29 July 2018 and a two-week camp from 5 August 2018 – 19 August 2018. We are always happy to see returning faces, but we also look forward to meeting new students and providing them the bestest stay!

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