Elite Language Center offers clients the highest possible quality of foreign language education. We provide English courses with qualified lecturers, assessed by our Academic Director personally. In order to maintain the effectiveness of teaching, the only communication language used during classes is English, at all levels. In addition to general English classes, we also offer specialized courses focused on business, legal, and financial English. We are more than happy to tailor individual or group courses according to your requirements and needs.

Our 1:1 courses are of a very intensive nature. These give both the lecturer and student a chance to focus exclusively on the student’s needs with regards to language improvement as well as relevant vocabulary and topics. We select each lecturer carefully according to the student’s requirements.

As we do not have a specific enrollment period, your course can start anytime, 365 days a year!


Corporate English

Since Elite was established, we have cultivated excellent long-term relationships with many companies, with the demand growing ever since. Most of our corporate clients require specialized courses, focused on business or legal English. Thanks to the professionalism of Elite’s lecturers, the quality of our courses surpass any other language school in Slovakia. 

We appreciate that our corporate clients support employees in achieving their learning & development targets. Elite works closely with HR departments and managers in order to fulfill those goals. Study materials are tailored to correspond with the interests of our clients, ranging from IT to real estate to financial topics. Of course, Elite recognizes that confidentiality is very important, so discretion is absolutely assured.

We are happy to offer our clients more complex language services, including language audits, tailored study materials, regular assessments, and targeted feedback. In addition, we also offer proofreading, editing, and copywriting services.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and find out why we are the choice of so many large corporations for their language learning needs.

Legal English
Financial English
Business English
General English

Legal English

The terminology used in legal circles is very specific,  regardless of the language. English is no exception. In our legal English course, you will get to know the vocabulary connected to the topic. This course is led by an experienced American lawyer and lecturer, David F. Rubin, Esq.,  and it covers not only various legal systems, but also the issues of contracts, labor law, and corporate law, and any other legal topics students require. The curriculum also covers language skills needed for legal correspondence or creating presentations. The course is dedicated to lawyers and law students whose English level is at least upper-intermediate. In case of interest, we can create a tailored legal English course focused on specific legal aspects.

Financial English

This topic is aimed at those who work in the financial and accounting sphere. In order to master the curriculum contained in this specialized course, it is necessary to have a B2 (upper-intermediate) English level. It is possible to adjust the focus of this course according to the individual needs and work on the topics which are considered the most relevant by the client. The course is also offered as a preparation for an international exam on financial English.

Professional Skills

We develop professional skills courses and workshops based on students’ requirements. If you are interested in a course you couldn’t find in our offer, please do not hesitate to contact us.